Chicago Advertising Federation is Chicago marketing and advertising at its finest!  Our members are the best and brightest in the world and proud of our city's legacy. Ad Age, Leo Burnett, Burrell, Omnicom and more were launched in Chicago. Historic great work coming out of Chicago includes: Pillsbury Dough Boy, 7Up’s “The Uncola campaign," and Gatorade’s “Be Like Mike” campaign.
OUR MISSION: To elevate the marketing community to foster thought leadership in Chicago.
OUR PURPOSE: To deliver experiences that build a strong community across marketing.
OUR VISION: To unite and grow the Connectors in marketing to be a common thread across a dynamic and diverse industry.






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The Chicago Advertising Federation exists to foster momentum in Chicago’s advertising industry. The four pillars of the Chicago Advertising Federation are:

  • Professional Enrichment
  • Chicago Market & Industry Recognition
  • Networking
  • Community Involvement

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