2017 Advertising and Marketing Predictions

The start of the new year is a time of reflection. We look back of our accomplishments of the past year and create new goals and predictions for what the new year might bring.  Check out some of the CAF Board Member predictions about the advertising and marketing community in 2017.

"Mainstream news organizations will continue to contract and merge. Brands will need to be their own storytellers and build direct-to-consumer channels that show, tell and engage."
- Stacey Zolt Hara | Executive Vice President, Midwest Director, Transformation Communications | Edelman

"2017 will bring more democratization for content creation, especially in the video space. With increasing access to new technology and tools, smaller marketers will now have the ability to easily, quickly and inexpensively create content to compete with the larger players."
- Jordan Bustin | Account Executive | Leo Burnett

"Personalization of digital experiences will become even more refined as data becomes more sophisticated."
- Britt Cushing | Senior Partner, Strategy Director | MadiaCom

"1) Audio/Voice is rapidly emerging as a new and exciting vehicle for brand experiences.  How brands tell stories using sound and voice will require new ways of thinking about what a brand is beyond its traditional visual/physical assets. 2) The Internet of Things will continue to grow.  We’re seeing wider range of connected devices but more importantly they have better services connected to them to influence shopping and personal car.e 3) Messaging will continue to grow and more and more brands will take advantage of mobile messaging’s global scale to engage with consumers around the world."
- Josh Ehart | EVP, Chief Innovation Officer | EnergyBBDO

"Wearable technology will continue to get faster, smaller & sexier. Think headsets to earrings, fitness trackers to shoe soles and virtual assistants built into your eye wear. Devices will be concealed & revealed as needed, making my ultimate dream of becoming a super hero so very possible."
- Tina Justice | Client Planning Director | Viacom

"Influencer marketing and engaging their fans will become a larger part of 2017 marketing budgets."
- Dave Cleary | Midwest Vice President Sales | Channel Factory

"I predict that 2017 will bring more consolidation, acquisition and significant consumer acceptance growth for AI."
- Kim Theiss | VP, Sales | Disney ABC Television Group (Freeform)

"We will finally/hopefully see the end of emoji-themed creative executions and we will finally see a piece of VR content truly breakthrough in the mainstream (and the advertisers will follow)."
- Morgan Carroll | Managing Director and Executive Creative Director | DigitasLBi

"Connected devices, including programmatic television."
-  Paul Dean | Sales Manager 

"Mobile video will continue to grow and be the most important element of marketing to teens and millennials in 2017. Consumers will reverse a trend of being free with their data and information and will move from a sharing to a more private culture in 2017. Lastly, while programmatic numbers will continue to grow, a renewed focus on custom and individualized programs from brands will have a resurgence."
- Rocco Smeriglio | Regional Vice President | MediaBrix

"Chicago's advertising & marketing community will surge in 2017. New talent, new energy, new innovation will all drive an unprecedented amount of connections to make & accelerate. Let's Carpe Diem, Chicago."
- Jill Sylvester | SVP Group Director, Technology & Operations Solutions | Starcom USA 

"I predict that social will decisively overtake search as the dominant 'discovery' vehicle."
- Marie Myszkowski | Managing Director | Spark

"In 2017, more brands will realize the power of advanced TV as more inventory continues to become available."
- Aly Kasberg | DigitasLBi 

Share your predictions with us and we'll post here and on our social channels alongside our Board.


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